Workshop – HQ8 – Water in the climate crisis

Wed. 05.07.2023 | 10.00 – ca. 14.30 h

School project

Franziska Pierwoss and Jana Engel

For several weeks, a school class deals with the topic of water throughout the curriculum. Global issues of water distribution, local aspects of drought and flooding in Berlin and Brandenburg or rain irrigation in the schoolyard are discussed and practically explored.

Filmstill (While), 16:28 min., Rheinpromenade Bonn 2011, © Hannah Schneider

HQ is the scientific term for the discharge rate at high water.
H means high water. Q means discharge quantity.
The artists Franziska Pierwoss and Jana Engel work together with school classes, within the framework of project days, to develop interdisciplinary basic knowledge about water: ethical considerations about human responsibility, waste of drinking water, geographical distribution of water, application of water in areas of technical production or agriculture, up to the development of concepts for a rainwater irrigation system for their own schoolyard.
In the context of the exhibition, elements of the school project HQ8, first realized in the context of Schools of Sustainability of the House of World Cultures, will be taken up and adapted to the context in Wedding. The focus will be on the Panke Valley as a potential floodplain, aspects of drought and flooding in Berlin and Brandenburg, and rainwater irrigation in the schoolyard.
HQ8 was realized for the first time within the framework of Schools of Sustainabiltiy of the House of World Cultures in the school year 2022/23 with class 8a of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Gymnasium.
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