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Adrienne Goehler and Manuel Rivera
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Thinking about the change in our livelihoods due to the dramatic warming of the climate cannot remain without consequences – all the more so as the multiple crisis dynamics caused by Corona are currently coming to a head dramatically. We no longer have time for a mere parallel instead of togetherness of knowledge and action. We no longer have time to merely ask the question of whether art incorporates the ecological crisis into its reality. It is time that we answered them – through new forms of artistic-scientific intervention and cooperation.


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Anne Schneider | Regisseurin, Konzepterin im Gespräch mit Dr. Tobias Knoblich | Kulturwissenschaftler, Präsident Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft, Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer | Biotechnologin (Mind the Fungi! Engage with Fungi!) und Künstlerin ZNE!, Dr. Christine Fuchs | Leiterin STADTKULTUR Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V.

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The POWER of WEs

(donated with love by Christin Lahr, 16.07.2023)

The Artist Christin Lahr, for 13 years with her long-term project “MAKING GIFTS: THE CAPITAL” artist of the exhibition RECOMMENDED FOR IMITATION! and since the beginning passionate supporter of the Fund Aesthetics and Sustainability as a performer of the exponential function, has developed the following idea:

This is NOT a snowball system!

There is nothing to lose, but something to give to win together. We are NOT all sitting in the same boat, but each of us in their own – TOGETHER! Passionate fans and art lovers are on their way. Support the FAeS (Fund Aesthetics and Sustainability), follow the example and join us!

Everyone can become a FAN of the FAeS & ARTLOVER. The task is simple and manageable.

  1.  Transfer 1 EUR to the following account:
    Circles of Cultures – Forum der Kulturen zu Fragen der Zeit e.V.
    IBAN DE12 4306 0967 1247 8474 02
    BIC GENODEM1GLS | GLS Gemeinschaftsbank.de
    Purpose of use: FAN of the FÄN & ARTLOVER – The POWER of WEs, donation
  2. Fold 2 paper boats, copy the text and give both to 2 other persons.
  3. Convince these 2 people to follow your example with all your passion: Fold 2 paper boats, copy the text, transfer 1 EUR for the FAeS and passionately convince 2 more persons to do the same.

You are welcome to transfer more than 1 EUR and also win more than 2 people. The main thing is to have the PASSION and PERSUASION to convince at least 2 more people to follow. Do the sparks of passion spread from week to week from person to person and go viral, the Fund aesthetics and Sustainability already has a base of about 1 million EUR after about 21 weeks – thanks to the power of the exponential function.
But it could also become more […]

We want to stay grounded and not exaggerate. The number of activatable people in Germany is 83,837,825 people, 8,101,142,130 people worldwide (as of 07/16/2023). Not all of them have income.

download .pdf by Christin Lahr