Finale – Berlin 2023

Uferhallen Berlin-Wedding

May 12th – July 16th 2023

Admission free!

Opening hours Tuesday – Sunday
12 am – 8 pm on days without dialogue programme
12 am – 10 pm on days with dialogue programme

Tue-Wed-Thu 6 – 6:30 pm dance | music | speech rehearsal pieces as solo or duo

Conception ETF!

expeditions¹ explorations in aesthetics and sustainability

¹ The exhibition started in 2010 with the title EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW! expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability. Sensitized by the social discussion on colonialism, it became clear that expeditions is a colonial concept. Therefore, instead of ‘expeditions’ we use ‘explorations’. The visibility of the change instead of deletion intends to make the thought process comprehensible.

EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW! | ETF! will end at the very place where it started 13 years ago.

The exhibition has become a pioneer of a distinct artistic practice in terms of size, internationality and
richness of artistic methods. At every venue, the particularities of the respective artistic, scientific and environmental activist knowledges were integrated. As a result, the presentation became more condensed.  Each piece already existed and was not just created for a single occasion but was contextualized anew at every single venue. This, too, was and is a sustainable statement against the fast-moving nature of the art market and the short-sightedness of funding practices. Principles of action ETF!

Since ETF!’s started 13 years ago, the preoccupation with the climate disaster, dwindling resources, shrinking biodiversity and actions addressing them has increased significantly in the arts as well as in the political sphere. Lately we can observe artistic institutions implementing gezillion little measures making the institution ecological efficient. However, these measures are only addressing the institutions itself and are not supporting artists engaging with the environmental disaster.

ETF! on the contrary, focused from day one on expanding the individual artistic resonance space, interfering with transformative fields – from urban to material development, from climate theatre to sustainable exhibition concepts – using the means of art, and expanding social perception and imagination for transformation.

In keeping with the principle of the exhibition, further – already existing – artistic positions will be added in the Berlin exhibition integrating the local perspectives and knowledges.

This last venue shows 68 of the artistic positions assembled so far. The chronicle of this journey can be wandered on three Litfass-columns; in the hall hang thoughts that were asked of all 128 artists about what ETF! was and is for them, processed by the artist Nele-Marie Gräber.

We are drawing from the reservoir of voices for afund of aesthetics and sustainability | FAeS as a basis for workshops, panels and lectures.

The boundaries between art, research and invention become blurred in the experimental arrange-ments of the artists, their inventions and interventions, their architectural and aesthetic reflections. Many of the artistic positions use science and technology for their emergence, while others criticise precisely these. The works revolve around the big and the existential questions of our present times- and all of them provoke and request individual action.

The dramatic changes in our living conditions require the cooperation of the various social forces. It is about preserving, visualising, consciously shaping life, about the active engagement of human beings with their own and the surrounding nature.

We need new ways of thinking, moving and organising to be able to tackle the challenges of our present. This requires permeability and alliances between the arts, sciences, activism and participatory processes. And cooperation projects with an economy that is willing to change.


Uferstraße 8,
13357 Berlin-Wedding

How to get here:
U8 Pankstr.
U9 Nauener Platz
N8 Uferstr. | U Osloer Str. | U Nauener Platz
N9 Exerzierstr.
M27 Brunnenplatz
M27 U Pankstr. | Wiesenstr.

Conception for download

Conception ETF! (2,4 MB)
Version 4.3.2023

At the end of the Berlin exhibition ETF! will continue to live on digitally as the pioneering exhibition
it is through an openly accessible virtual tour. Sustainability does not mean to reinvent the wheel over and over again but to recognize on whose shoulders we stand

ETF! shows the relevance of artistic questions for the genuinely cultural challenges of global dislocation and relies on the transformative power of art, on its imaginative capacity as one of its inexhaustible resources.

For the radical transformation, we need the permeability of artistic, scientific and the knowledges of social movements; this requires leaving the silos of art, culture and science, which stand disconnected next to the other silos. We need to think bigger in terms of cultural policy. And we need visions for a sustainable life that can be combined with sensuality, the desire and passion of one’s own actions.

The exhibition demonstrates the urgency and the necessity of expanding perceptions with the cultural-political goal to create a fund for aesthetics and sustainability. Berlin as a driving force? Everything necessary for this is available in this city, it just needs to be linked, for this we need vessels that enable and cultivate cooperation, we need a fund for aesthetics and sustainability.