Commitment ETF!

with regard to sustainability (since September 2010) – there were no role models for this, no funds, neither vocabulary nor clear demands

  • Exclusively sea transports
  • The 40-foot container as a dimensional and transport unit
  • Each packaging material is used as often as possible, last as buffer material in the container
  • No work for which museum conditions are required
  • Making the most of daylight, economical lighting
  • Only works that have already been realized are selected, in order not to encourage the worldwide (over)production pressure of art, therefore recontextualization of the works.
  • Touring exhibition as a counterweight to the fast pace of the art market and to short-winded funding practices
  • Exhibition period should not be less than the period of fundraising, three years
  • One-time fee payment to all artists, indiscriminately
  • Dialogue programs between art, science, NGOs and business in the exhibition to strengthen the aesthetic dimension of sustainability
  • At each new exhibition site, the specifics of each artistic, scientific, and environmental activist expertise are integrated, thus changing with each new stop
  • Contractual assurance that the artists’ works will always be built by the same technical team + a local team, for reasons of cost and transport, and because they entrust us with their works over such a long period of time.
  • To expand the radius of art, places outside the narrow context of the exhibition are welcome