Norbert Höpfer

Tiny House made of hemp | the house from the field, 2023

Dr. Norbert Höpfer, mineralogist, continues the working experience from Ruanda and Israel

For the 20th venue of ETF! a dismountable tiny house is created for reuse, approx. 2,20 x 4 m with an internal wooden frame, a dry stone wall facade made of hemp limestone, floor insulation with hemp lime and a pent roof with hemp wool insulation.

Rethinking the production of building materials – hemp shives bound with lime show the new way! Hemp lime is a mixture of the binder lime 1 part & 3-4 parts aggregate from hemp shives, the broken stalk of the plant.

Hemp lime has the following properties:

  • regional & mobile manufacturing
  • can be implemented directly with little effort
  • carbon negativ (pro cbm minus 110-130 kg CO2)
  • Hemp from natural fields (free of glyphosate)
  • built-in moisture protection via the buffering effect of the binding agent
  • suitable for grandchildren
  • sand free
  • cementless
  • vegan
  • transparent supply chain of raw materials

We use hemp hurds because:

  • hemp is grown in Brandenburg & Mecklenburg
  • in our case, the hemp comes from regional organic farming in Zempow
  • hemp hurds occur en masse in the hemp plant
  • hemp has an open-pored cell structure
  • hemp has a positive effect on agriculture field economy

We use lime because:

  • a lot of moisture is buffered (rapid absorption and release of moisture)
  • of the disinfecting effect
  • it is easy to repair (our bones are made of lime and therefore grow back together)
  • lime is thinking ahead evolutionary

Further Information

Dr. Norbert Höpfer, graduate mineralogist, product development building materials, rehabilitation advice, restoration, hemp lime manufactory Zempow, employee at hemp climate project LPV Wittstock