Vincent J.F. Huang

Atlantis Project, 2012

Wood, PVC tube, golden plastic, 2017

The »Atlantis Project« uses an aquarium tank to house coral reefs growing on miniature sculptures of iconic landmarks of civilized and capitalist society. With the concept of creating a modern day Atlantis city, where all that is known to civilized mankind will be flooded over by the rising sea levels. The corals can develop and grow until all resources within the aquarium are completely used up. Under the microcosm of the aquarium, the project wishes to show metaphorically the limitations of Mother Earth’s resources. As a subset of the Earth’s vast system, the human behavior of unrelentingly seeking for infinite growth will inevitably lead to extinction. Symbols of proud and self-indulgent modern civilization are violently sunk underwater in this eco art installation.

The installation is documented on 3 photographs.

Biografie von Vincent J.F. Huang

born in 1971 in Taiwan, lives and works in Taipei and Shanghai.