Jakub Szczęsny – „Polish Design Polish Designers“

Jakub Szczęsny at the Gdynia City Museum in the series “Polish Design Polish Designers”.

“The Gdynia City Museum has been presenting the Polish Design Polish Designers exhibition series for many years. It is our way of promoting Polish design, inspiring people and encouraging creativity and innovation. Our premise was that the series should feature local designers of all generations, to make the picture of Polish design as complete as possible. […]

For the ninth edition of the Polish Designs Polish Designers series in 2023, we have invited Jakub Szczęsny, a renowned architect and installation artist. This look at his work shows how fascinating things at the intersection of architecture and design can be. The Keret House, world-renowned and part of the permanent collection at New York’s MoMA, is currently on the Iconic Houses list alongside designs by Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Alvar Aalto; it will serve as a starting point for exploring minimalism, simplicity, and constraint as essential values in both society and design. The exhibition will also inspire us to discuss design in urban space, focusing on participatory actions and interactions, on building a collaboration with its inhabitants.” – Gdynia City Museum