“In 2030, the first mushroom house should be in place”

Interview with Vera Meyer in the taz

“Meyer is committed to mushrooms; she predicts a bright future for them. ‘It suits us right now to be visionary,’ she says. ‘In the face of the climate crisis, we must find answers now. And nature offers us many.

A dynamic field of research

Those who conduct research so close to the future have concrete visions of what it could look like. “I’m an optimist,” Meyer says. “The pressure to act is very great right now, but it’s only through pressure that certainties believed to be secure dissolve and paths for new things open up.” This makes it all the more important for her to involve society. Everyone should be able to think along, to profit from it. She has founded citizen science projects, such as offering workshops to learn how to make composites yourself.”

Vera Meyer is part of the final stop of ZNE! at Uferhallen, Berlin.

Complete interview: here!