“How do we save the world, Adrienne Goehler?” – Interview on Tagesspiegel

„We cannot rely on experts“


Adrienne Goehler talks about EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW!, its history and topicality of the traveling exhibition, as well as basic income/basic outcome and why experts have no solutions for the complex problems of our time.

During my “government internship” I experienced that people think strictly in terms of departments and responsibilities. The mentality prevails: “Don’t interfere in my area. Cooperation only if it doesn’t cost me anything.” That scared me quite a bit. And in the juries for cultural promotion, the divisional thinking just continued. It became clear to me that we have to support transdisciplinary projects, we need that more urgently than ever today. We must not leave the state of the world to the experts in politics and economics. They will not provide any solutions.

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