Surface unsealing at Lausitzer Platz – totally recommended for imitation!

Green spaces instead of parking lots

Five former parking areas at Lausitzer Platz are to be temporarily redesigned. Interested parties can apply to the district office

Press release no. 275 from 20.12.2022

Interested citizens and initiatives are invited to participate in the design of the new green spaces on the former parking lots at Lausitzer Platz. The unsealing of the former parking lots on Lausitzer Platz, which has been transformed into a pedestrian zone, will create a total of 450m² of green space, which will be filled with topsoil and enclosed by small fences by the district office. The resulting areas can be planted and maintained by interested citizens and initiatives as part of a voluntary cooperation. To apply for an area, interested parties should contact the following office by January 10, 2023:

City People Berlin
Telefon: +49 178 7982907 (Mo-Fr 10-16 Uhr)

Here you can also get more information about the specifications for planting and the award procedure. The project is planned for several years, but will end with the redevelopment of Lausitzer Platz, so unfortunately planting trees in the green areas is not possible.

Here you will find a representation of the areas to be used for which individual cooperation agreements are concluded. When demand is high and exceeds the supply of space, multi-people initiatives are given priority over individuals in the allocation of space.

District City Councilor Annika Gerold appeals to all interested parties: “We depend on your commitment and creativity. I call on all committed people and groups to participate in the design of Lausitzer Platz. Take the chance to help shape the neighborhood and create a very special urban space.”

Media contact
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