Exihibition opening Klara Hobza

The Breathing Trilogy 24.06.–05.08.2023

It is as much a cliché as it is a truism: life is mysterious. When it leaves a body, the change is immediate. Breathing comes to an end, the body is oddly still. Affection vanishes from the eyes, facial features dissolve. After a short while our attachment to a dead body dissipates. Every day we are confronted with the arbitrary nature of what is acceptable to eat. The only way to do this, is to continuously forget. Just as we forget what a steak is.

The Breathing Trilogy speaks to being present in the moment, facing the world courageously and honestly, even to our complicity in the death of other beings. As such these works are a consistent continuation of Hobza’s conceptual performative projects: imaginative, grandiose and full of radical optimism for the human condition.

—Isabelle Moffat

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