Xu Bing

Mustard Seed Garden Landscape Scroll, 2010

Chinese landscape has long tradition and it depicts ancient Chinese life style and essences towards beautiful nature which contemporary Chinese might not treasure. “Das Leben und die Schöpfungen unserer heutigen Zeit werden zu Traditionen von morgen, die Menschen der Zukunft werden sich ebenfalls mit den Fragen auseinandersetzen, wie wir das was wir zurücklassen behandeln oder absorbieren sollen”, so der Künstler.”Our lives and creations today will be tomorrow’s tradition, people in the future will likewise face the question of how to treat or absorb what we leave behind.” artist says. In his work, we notice the extension of the length of Chinese painting history; more over he raise the notion of global ecology awareness by utilizing neutral yet unique artistic language.


Xu Bing (*1955 in Chongqing) lives and works in Beijing.