Sigalit Landau

Dead Sea, 2005

A cord of 250 meters penetrates 500 watermelons, forming a six-meter spiral raft in the saturated salt waters of the Dead Sea. The spiral turns as a whirlpool, in reverse from its normal direction. I am floating locked inside the chain of the spiral, between the center and the periphery of the sweet raft. I am reaching out against the direction of the turning raft towards a small area where the fruit is wounded, red, and exposed to the sting of the salt. The salt solution of the Dead Sea enables buoyancy, so everything floats well on its surface. The spiral gradually becomes a thin green line a abandoning the frame and view.

Pinning Hope

A woven rope binds together a group of hanging loops. A group/society/crowd is preparing towards an act of erasure, cessation, blindness. When our field of vision is obstructed by the end, it is impossible to think about any future. Our experience in the Dead Sea has proven how much ropes and salts are fond of each other. The crystals forming around “Pinning Hopes” stabilize and hug the collective bunch of loops. They are saturated in the bitter water and tears of the lowest point on Earth; the environment evaporates in front of our very eyes while we search for memories. Facing Masada: great hopes are nowhere to be found. But there is action. There is the act of art. The art of recycling meanings and earth art which opens its wide mouth along the northern shores of the sea. A chronic man-made tragedy of a dying lake.


Sigalit Landau (*1969 Jerusalem, Israel) lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.