Jakub Szczęsny on show at Gdynia City Museum for a whole year

Is it worth giving up consumption for the common good

Jakub Szczęsny
July 2, 2023 till June 2, 2024
at Gdynia City Museum

Opening: July 1, 2023, 4 pm

The Gdynia City Museum has chosen Jakub Szczęsny as the protagonist of the latest exhibition in the Polish Projects Polish Designer series.

We had no doubt that his eclectic work would allow us to delve deeper into the theme we chose to focus on this year – design and society.

In the exhibition we show how architecture and design are intertwined and what interesting things can arise at the interface between them. We take a closer look at micro homes that are particularly popular during the pandemic. We ask ourselves whether we as a society really need more and more space. Or is it perhaps worth saying “no” to excessive consumption for the common good?

We juxtapose the unique Keret House and repetitive (albeit adaptable) modular micro houses to address the theme of minimalism and limitation as societally important values. We create an interesting tension between architecture and design – Jakub Szczęsny’s installations in public space, intended as architecture in action, as a kind of performance. All this to draw attention to the social dimension of design.

Curator: Anna Śliwa