Daniel Schüßler – Voice of FÄN

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Daniel Schüßler is one of 192 voices from art, science and the in-between for a fund for aesthetics and sustainability | FAN

At the end of her 13-year touring exhibition, Adrienne Goehler is showing “Examples to Follow” in the Uferhallen Berlin. The exhibition gets to the heart of the demand once again in a tactile manner. Check it out!

Daniel Schüßler | Director and Theater Producer | Artistic director ANALOGTHEATER Cologne and lecturer for performative working techniques at the University of Cologne/Theaterakademie Köln, about the FÄN:

WHY FÄN? The issue of sustainability is the most pressing issue of our time. The climate crisis and our working and living conditions in a neoliberalized world must now be thought of together. We now have to get out of the small-small thinking, the persistence of research and the discussion in our own divisions and disciplines. We need a holistic approach to connect and address the sustainability crisis and the ongoing ecological crisis. The art space and the theater in particular offer a highly effective way of conveying the burning issues through a sensitive approach that is aimed directly at our feelings. […]

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Daniel Schüßler, Director of the ANALOG-Theater and FÄN voice