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Die Katalogseiten Norbert Höpfer, Folke Köbberling, Vera Meyer, Charlett Wenig & Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten

Myzelwollversuche – Wärmedurchgangsprüfungen

Institut für Bauklimatik und Energie der Architektur, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Elisabeth Endres,

Engineered mycelium composite construction materials from fungal biorefineries: A critical review

Abstract and Figures

Mycelium composites are an emerging class of cheap and environmentally sustainable materials experiencing increasing research interest and commercialisation in Europe and the United States for construction applications. These materials utilise natural fungal growth as a low energy bio-fabrication method to upcycle abundant agricultural by-products and wastes into more sustainable alternatives to energy intensive synthetic construction materials. Mycelium composites have customisable material properties based on their composition and manufacturing process and can replace foams, timber and plastics for applications, such as insulation, door cores, panelling, flooring, cabinetry and other furnishings. Due to their low thermal conductivity, high acoustic absorption and fire safety properties outperforming traditional construction materials, such as synthetic foams and engineered woods, they show particular promise as thermal and acoustic insulation foams. However, limitations stemming from their typically foam-like mechanical properties, high water absorption and many gaps in material property documentation necessitate the use of mycelium composites as non- or semi-structural supplements to traditional construction materials for specific, suitable applications, including insulation, panelling and furnishings. Nonetheless, useful material properties in addition to the low costs, simplicity of manufacture and environmental sustainability of these materials suggest that they will play a significant role in the future of green construction.

Auswertung Braunschweig Materialforschung: ZNE! Workshop Myzellwollversuche

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