Workshop – Resumption Berlin Creation*s 2023

07.07.-09.07.2023 | 14-16hrs.

Berlin Creation*s Resumption



The Panke at the Uferhallen inspired in 2010 at the very first exhibition of ZNE! “zwischenbericht” to develop a filter that enabled exhibition visitors:inside to draw water from the urban rivulet Panke and turn it into significantly purified water in just a few steps.

Due to the sustainable conception of the exhibition, the installations of »zwischenbericht« have changed over the last 12 years and brought more and more knowledge about the properties of water to light. They use an ancient cultural technique of filtering in four steps: for the dust, the water first runs through felt, then through pebbles, through sand and finally through carbon filters. The water clarifies recognizably with every step, that is recognizable for every woman and everyone. (

This installation is now to be resumed on the occasion of the last station, the findings are EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW and enable the workshop visitors (children and young people) to capture the landscape of the Berlin rock layers as a filter for our drinking water. The workshop participants are also invited to experience the extraordinary self-cleaning powers of water: the Panke sound in the water bucket makes the analogy between these properties of water and our memory comprehensible.

The aim of this workshop is an intensive examination of the topic of water shortage, with the resulting drought and the consequences in Berlin/Brandenburg within the last 3-5 years. Possible solutions for a transformation for dealing with water scarcity, the transition to everyday life with reduced water consumption are to be worked out and deepened in this workshop, children and young people are to be given knowledge about the properties of water in a practical way, they should have their own Develop a feeling for them and think in a context of current political and scientific discussions such as climate change, drought, fresh and salt water.