Workshop – on building with hemp bricks

30.05.-04.06.2023 | 3-7 pm

on building with hemp bricks

Dr. Norbert Hoepfer


The workshop shows a new way to produce and use building materials (hemp lime).

This requires a chain:
1. agriculture and harvesting technology
2. hemp processing / separation of raw materials into shives and fibres
3. hemp stone manufacture / production of hemp-lime insulating stones
4. processing of the stones

Point 1 to 3 are produced and worked out in the hemp lime manufactory Zempow, this is a German exception, normally the hemp straw is brought from the field to the processing plant, this can be several hundred to 1000km, we drive here only a few 100m to 2 km.

This workshop offers the technology and guidance to get this new building material.

Tiny house made of hemp | the house from the field
Rethinking the production of building materials
Hemp hurd bound with lime shows the new way!
(hemp lime is a mixture of the binder lime 1 part & 3-4 parts supplement of hemp hurd, the broken pistil of the plant)

Tiny house can be dismantled for reuse, size about 2,2 x 4m with an indoor wooden framework. Facade out of hemplime bricks as drywall, shed roof with hemp wool insulation.

Hemp lime has the following properties

  • regional & mobile manufacturing
  • can be implemented directly with little effort
  • carbon negativ (pro cbm minus 110-130 kg CO2)
  • Hemp from natural fields (free of glyphosate)
  • built-in moisture protection via the buffering effect of the binding agent
  • suitable for grandchildren
  • sand free
  • cementless
  • vegan
  • transparent supply chain of raw materials

We use hemp hurd because:

  • hemp is grown in Brandenburg & Mecklenburg
  • in our case, the hemp comes from regional organic farming in Zempow
  • these occur en masse in the hemp plant
  • hemp has an open-pored cell structure
  • hemp has a positive effect on agriculture field economy

We take lime because:

  • a lot of moisture is buffered (rapid absorption and release of moisture)
  • because of the disinfecting effect
  • easy to repair (our bones are made of lime and therefore grow back together)
  • lime is thinking ahead evolutionary


Dr. Norbert Höpfer
Diplome mineralogist
Product development building materials, renovation advice, restoration,
Hemp lime manufactory Zempow
Employee in the hemp climate project of lpv wittstock