The Imaginarium: A Theatre for constructed ecologies

The importance of biodiversity – Lukas Feireiss

02.03.2012 – 6.30pm

Studio X, Kitab Mahal, Fourth Floor 192, D N Road, Fort Mumbai 400 001

LUKAS FEIREISS presents “The Imaginarium”
Architecture BRIO, Robert Verrijt & Shefali Balwani “Works: Aesthetics, Technological Innovation & Sustainability”

ZNE! artist and creator of the collaborative work The Imaginarium: A theatre for constructed ecologies, Lukas Feireiss, discusses the idea behind the imaginarium, which portrays ecologically responsible and sustainable projects and approach of a new generation of international architects and town-planners.

…refreshments will be served…

Website: Studio Lukas Feireiss, Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today, Luis Berríos-Negrón