Tagit Klimor


The accelerated urban development has been causing damage to open spaces, it is a catalyst in creating environmental issues. We are witnessing an increase in greenhouse emissions, extinction of species, depletion of natural resources, exacerbation of pollution and environmental disasters, such as fires and floods.
The planet is a closed ecosystem and resources extracted for the sake of urban development and construction are detracted from nature. The installation represents a silhouette of a dense high-rise skyline, emerging from a pile of ash. This work reflects the environmental crisis exacerbated by the wasteful and irresponsible use of natural resources. The charred scene and the empty city reflect the damage we have inflicted on the environment and serve as a reminder of our presence and for our future, both as a call and as an opportunity to create a meaningful change.


Tagit Klimor (1956 Israel) lives and works in Haifa.