Susanne Gabler

Gebrauchsumleitung, 2016

Installation | Chandelier made of PET bottles 

Many of our daily objects always follow the same way: production, consumption, use and disposal.

Since the responsibility for the waste does not end with throwing it away, we are faced with the following questions: what would we do if we would not be able to throw anything away? It is possible to use objects several times and in different ways?
What would happen if we would take for instance a PET bottle after using it and reuse it? What could be created? Something useful? Art? Furniture?

The artist experiments in her workshops and also in her own artistic work about light. Within these alternatives design processes, she develops – detours of use – ideas, how sustainable cycle-thinking and positive shaping of the environment can illuminate.


Susanne Gabler (*1978 in Stralsund, Germany) lives and works in Wismar, Germany.