Sharmila Samant

Mrigjal – The Mirrage, 2011

Mrigjal – The Mirage, relates to questions of identity, memory and civic issues through the politics of water. With Amar Joshi, a water diviner and geologist, Samant located water bodies that lie under the city. It interrogated the unequal distribution in the city while marking two contrasted sites: the elite area of Kala Ghoda and the disadvantaged slum area, Annabhau Sathe Nagar. To mark these sites, a triangular sign bearing graphic imprints of water and a bore-well were implanted. Samant made smaller replicas of the public installations through which funds were raised and donated to the NGO Ghar Banao Ghar Bachao Andolan which coordinated the building of four new wells in Annabhau Sathe Nagar for daily usage.