Marlene Almeida


Always true to her language and thought, Marlene Almeida surpasses herself constantly. Her senses are sharp and always thirsty by nature. Her view maps the path, directing in a tireless search for new natural discoveries. While always focusing on the concern about the ‘nature of time’ and being faithful to the connection with the earth, the artist uses this as material for her paintings and objects. The artist presents now, for the exhibition at the Latin America Memorial, an intervention in the external space – exactly where the concrete replaced the green, the artist presents a sort of redemption or Memory of the Atlantic Forest: a long list of names of trees cut in adhesive and applied as a catwalk on the ramp entrance to the gallery Marta Traba.
Text: Tereza de Arruda

Marlene Almeida, born 1942 in Bananeiras, Brazil, lives and works in João Pessoa, Brazil.