Aziza Alaoui


Mexico’s natural environment is threatened by deforestation that is expanding at an alarming speed. The destruction of forests is resulting in a state of emergency for a wide variety of endemic species affecting ecosystems worldwide. Each year Mexico looses 1,235,000 acres of forest and tropical rain forest endangering 900 species of animals and plants. Institutional programs as well as market demands have pushed diverse communities to change the vocation of entire ecosystems into harvesting fields or pastures; also uncontrolled fires are contributing to accelerate deterioration of natural environments. The year 2050 will be the point of no return and the consequences of deforestation that are not only affecting wildlife will also be fatal to human ecosystems drastically reducing water supplies and exacerbating climate change. The installation 2050 is comprised of a series of postcards designed as an intervention inside the gallery setting and outside into the public space. The piece includes documentation of a large-scale intervention on the Cathedral of Puebla Zocalo and an ephemeral sculpture constructing the number 2050 made out of postcards.