Ayumi Matsuzaka

All My Cycle

Ayumi Matsuzaka is making a black fertilizer out of her own excretion and using the fertilizer to produce vegetables, which will be eaten. Then she collects excretion again to make new fertilizer. The project creates a natural cycle on individual level.

During 2010, Ayumi Matsuzaka focused on making the fertilizer, advised by biologist Dr. Jürgen Reckin. From spring 2011, she startet planting vegetables into the soil that is made of vegetables she ate in 2010.

This theme connects to her own body, to daily human life, to the efforts of treating our waste-water and to food production. Matsuzakas method of making fertilizer is called “Terra Preta”, Amazonian black soil. This method has the advantage of preventing serious infections caused by parasites.


Ayumi Matsuzaka, born 1978 in Nagasaki, Japan, lives and works in Berlin, Germany