Klimadialogue I-V

V. Climate Dialogue – Negotiating climate: what can politics do, what can we do?…

4. December 2014

With Dr. Klaus Müschen and Griselda Gunther of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico and Dr. Augusto Castro, Director of INTE-PUCP.

¡ejemplos a seguir!

IV. Climate Dialogue – Harnessing Renewable Energy through Technological Progress.

27th November 2014

With ETF! Artists and designers Ariel Rojo (Mexico), Urphy Vásquez (Grupo – PUCP) and Fernando Pérez (Industrial Designer, Director of the Art Department, PUCP).

III Climate Dialogue – Develop and maintain our cities to ensure quality of life.

20th November 2014

With Ramzy Kahhat (PUCP), Martin Wieser (FAU-PUCP) and Martin León (Goethe-Institut).

I. Climate Dialogue

06th November 2014

With Augusto Castro (Director INTE PUCP) and Zaniel Novoa (President Sociedad Geográfica del Perú) and Carola Dürr (Director Goethe-Institut).