Ines Doujak – Parade against fear in Cologne


Parade in public space
October 28 2023

As part of the exhibition »Every courageous life is a song to the future« by Ines Doujak
Temporary Gallery—Centre for contemporary art Cologne
September 30 until December 17 2023

Hope is the opposite of fear!


The goal of the event is to express solidarity with women* land defenders from all over the world. We will form a communal body to counter the politics of indifference and despair and regain agency in seemingly hopeless times. The event is an act of internationalist solidarity based on the recognition that protecting the environment is inseparably related to political struggles against (post)colonial domination, structural racism, and misogynistic practices.


The event accompanies the exhibition of Ines Doujak Temporary Gallery.


Ines Doujak, in collaboration with activist Jakeline Romero Epiayú, artist Camilo Pachón, artists iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo & Roman Jungblut and curator Luiza Proença. Research: Nada Rosa Schroer. Research: Nada Rosa Schroer.


*„Women” are defined here as a political category including all those who suffer under the material conditions that have historically been assigned to women, as trans and nonbinary people, intersex and agender, and queer people. – Temporary Gallery