Hannah Schneider at Raketenstation Hombroich

Open Guest Studio

November 26 2023
11 am till 5 pm

In October and November, at the invitation of Ute Langanky, the Stiftung Insel Hombroich welcomes artist Hannah Schneider to the Raketenstation Hombroich guest studio.

Hannah Schneider works across genres in various media and materials with a focus on installation, public space, performative action, film, and drawing. Her works are based on an ongoing preoccupation with central sculptural themes, such as body and space, mass and proportion, or movement and statics. They explore the relationship of the body to the surrounding space in objects, installations, and performative film works. Architecture and landscape have a direct influence on the predominantly site-specific installations. Aspects of temporality, evident for example in the evaporation of water or the migration of shadows over the course of a day, are negotiated in their works. Time and space, light and shadow, movement and gravity play an ever-changing role.

Hannah Schneider’s artistic practice is particularly concerned with the physical properties of space as well as the ephemeral processes in nature. During her guest residency at Raketenstation Hombroich, she will create large-format prints of the pond surfaces, which she will make accessible to visitors as part of an open guest studio.

Stiftung Insel Hombroich