Folke Köbberling TRIBUTE TO OUD

Folke Köbberling at the project room of the Kunstverein Neuhausen & Talk with Adrienne Goehler

May 1 26.04.2022

Sunday, 1 May 2022
3.30 pm Exhibition tour with Folke Köbberling
KVN Projektraum, Rupert-Mayer Str. 68 B, 73765 Neuhausen/Fildern

5 p.m., Lecture by Adrienne Goehler, former Senator for Culture and Science
A turning point in art as well? An example to follow!
Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability | Basic Income | Fund for Aesthetics and Sustainability |

Back in 2010, the former Senator for Science, and Culture of the State of Berlin and curator of the Capital City Cultural Fund founded the Fund for Aesthetics & Sustainability (FÄN) – a pilot project in which the ecological project that links the ecological with the social question (basic livelihood).
The lecture will take place in the assembly hall of the neighbouring Friedrich Schiller School, Rupert-Mayer-Straße 70, 73765 Neuhausen/F .
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Further programme:
Tours and exhibition talks
May 8 and July 3 2022, 4 pm

By Inke Maria Hahnen